Furry Friday is a thing that oddly warrants a rewrite


Get those face palms ready.

New Line Cinema received a spec script for a live action family comedy in which a cat and a dog exchange bodies a la Freaky Friday titled Furry Friday (hurr hurr hurr). New Line, instead of realizing it for the awful idea it is, has ordered a rewrite and has put David H. Steinberg (who co-wrote the upcoming Puss in Boots) in charge of the project. To make it all the more absurd, the writers of the original script (Adam Stone/Cathy Schulman) were responsible for Limitless and The Illusionist, so it’s a wonder where their lives took that wrong turn that led them to come up with such a soul crushingly horrible idea.

Please, I beg of you Hollywood, let’s retire the Freaky Friday plot device once and for all. It’s obvious we’re reaching the threshold with The Change-Up, and I’m sure twenty rewrites of Furry Friday isn’t going to do anything to revive it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to execute a personal face palm after googling “furries” for what I thought would be a funny header image. I regret not thinking of the CatDog link sooner.

[via Collider]