Futuristic Robin Hood project is moving forward


Sometimes you hear an idea and think: ‘Wow, I wish I had thought of that.’ Other times, you hear that Warner Bros are planning a new Robin Hood movie, only with the ingenious twist of setting it in the future, and weep for the future of cinema. /Film are reporting that the movie ‘will be set in a dystopian London and centre on a group of thieves who restore hope to the city’s embattled population.’ After having a first draft of the script written by Jason Dean Hall (Spread), Warners has now turned to Michael Ross (who penned the upcoming Just Cause videogame adaptation) as the new screenwriter and the spellcheck-destroying Nicolai Fuglsig (whose only previous work has been on TV commercials) as director – creative pedigree worthy of the concept, I’m sure you’d agree.

For the record, this isn’t anything to do with the Wachowski Brothers’ ‘urban’ Robin Hood project, which was bandied about for a while ago before being laughed out of town in favour of Cloud Atlas. Nor is it related to the 2010 Ridley Scott Robin Hood movie, which received unenthusiastic critical notices, or the BBC Robin Hood series, which never fulfilled its producers ambitions of achieving Doctor Who‘s success with family audiences. Seeing a pattern emerge there? Luckily this new movie will surely succeed where its forebears failed, because it is SET IN THE FUTURE. It’s an idea which worked out so well for rubbish ’70s cartoon Rocket Robin Hood, after all.

[via /Film]