FX jumps on that Stephen King money train with Carrie limited series


A little over a week ago, a new adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Half was announced, and I attempted to predict what project in the massive slate of Stephen King adaptations would follow. My guess was Christine. I’m both shamefully wrong and kind of stunned that it’s turned out to be Carrie–again.

Not only has it not been that long since the last remake of the film, but the proposed idea is for FX to spin the story into a limited series event. That’s an odd choice, as the novel doesn’t seem to have enough meat on its bones to wring several hours of story from. The original printing was just under 200 pages. Maybe FX’s yet unknown team will mix ideas from Carrie 2, which would be a very bad idea, but who knows?

There’s no script or anything announced yet, with the only inkling of a twist on the usual Carrie format being that FX may plan to cast a trans actor or a woman of color in the lead role. If so, that’s cool, though I’m not sure that’ll make the story longer.

One thing FX does have going for it, however, is that there hasn’t really been a bad adaptation of Carrie. Brian De Palma’s original is still a classic and the second-best Stephen King adaptation of all time. Kimberly Pierce’s 2013 remake was also very good in it’s own right, and that famously-flopped Carrie musical still has productions to this day that I hear are really well done. And if a Carrie musical can work, then I guess anything is possible.

Exclusive: FX Developing Limited Series Based on Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’ [Collider]

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