FX’s X-Men spin-off Legion to end with its third season


All good things, as they say, must be good! At the Television Critics Association FX CEO of Productions John Landgraf announced that the cult series would be ending with its upcoming third season.

Following the much-troubled David Haller (Dan Stevens), Legion has taken a fringe approach to the superhero genre, focusing on Haller’s internal, psychic struggles as the mutant Legion. He’s got an important bald papa to live up to after all!

Having only seen the first season, I carefully mention the cast to also include Aubrey Plaza as one of the many voices booming within David (a name I can only ever hear as “Daaaaavvvviiiiiiid!” now thanks to this show), with Rachel Keller, Bill Irwin, Jeremie Harris, and Amber Midthunder rounding out David’s support team of friendly mutants. Jemaine Clement and Jean Smart factor in as figures trying to help (or are they?) David take the reins of his incredible, big-brained power.

Created by Noah Hawley of Fargo fame, Landgraf mentioned that the series was always conceived as being three seasons, so fans shouldn’t worry too much over loose ends or cut content. 

Legion really feels like it’s yet to get the recognition it deserves. Lacking the big-name characters or actors you’ll find popping up in Dark Phoenix later this year, Legion‘s scrappy production values have been ingeniously used to the show’s advantage. It’s often beautifully shot, bracingly edited, and utterly compelling. When selling friends on it, I put it this way: A lot of television you follow because you want to know what happens next. With Legion–at least in its first season–you were just along for a wild, tonal ride, something closer to an arthouse film than a network superhero show. 

Legion‘s third and final season is set to air sometime in 2019. If past seasons are any indication, we should be strapping in sometime this Spring. 

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