G.I. Joe 2 NOT presented in Real3D…or any sort of 3D

GI Joe PSA - Body Massage

G.I. Joe 2 is not going to be in 3D.

Let that percolate for a bit. In a world of senseless, useless 3D movies, the G.I. Joe sequel is not in 3D. As someone who really doesn’t care for 3D (Alice in Wonderland left a tremendously bad first impression, and also I’m poor) AND a closet G.I. Joe fan, this makes me super happy. I can’t begin to describe the fatigue I have form seeing posters proclaiming “In Real3D and 3D!” and trailers that include “Also in 2D in select theaters,” so this is great news.

According to Collider, no real reason has been given, but I suspect Cobra may be involved. 

[via Collider]