Gallery 1988 exhibit imagines 80s films as travel posters


At Gallery 1988’s Venice location from September 28th through October 20, Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo have re-imagined a collection of recognizable locales from more popular 80s flicks into travel advertisement posters for Gallery 1988’s Around the World In An ’80s Daze exhibit. 

My favorite is Vacation‘s Walley World. I especially love the “Open every day, all day long!” bit at the bottom. It probably makes sense that the transition to travel poster works so well since Vacation is one of the only two actual travel movies out of the selection. Sadly the only way to get one of these posters is to buy it directly for the gallery or hope that it is one of the prints leftover after the exhibit ends (then it will be available for purchase directly from their website). 

You check out all of the awesomeness in the gallery below. Do any of these posters make you want to travel to the movie locations? What are your favorites? 

[via /Film]