Gangster Squad director takes aim at Spy Hunter


Zombieland and Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer is reportedly attached to the on-again-off-again movie adaptation of arcade classic Spy Hunter, in which the player is given a tricked out spy car and tasked with blowing up as many enemy vehicles as possible. Sounds simple enough, but a proposed 2003 project floundered despite having such talent as John Woo and Dwayne Johnson behind the wheel. Yes, I did the ‘behind the wheel’ thing. It’s Wednesday and I’m feeling lazy.

Fleisher is on the lookout for screenwriters to put his vision into magical words. I’d hazard a guess that much of this vision will involve ‘extended car chase where stuff goes boom a lot’, which you’d think would be pretty much unscrewupable. Zombieland shows Fleischer to be reasonably deft at blending action and comedy, which should be pretty important for a licence as silly as this one. If he can convince Dwayne Johnson to get involved again, and maybe Emma Stone, we might have something to look forward to on our hands.

[via First Showing]