Garbage Pail Kids movie coming courtesy of Michael Eisner


Remember Michael Eisner? The calamitous Disney CEO that drove the company into the ground, creatively speaking, and was famously lampooned in the visage of Shrek villain Lord Farquaad? It’s true. Farquaad looks exactly like Eisner. Also, try saying “Farquaad” really quickly, and you’ll pick up on what Dreamworks thought of the man. Eisner’s company The Tornate Company has begin developing a movie based on the Garbage Pail Kids, originally a trading card series satirizing the Cabbage Patch Kids. The film is coming from a script to be written by Michael Vukadinovich and to be directed by a man named PES. Seriously. That’s his nome de filmmaking. The property was previously adapted into a live-action musical in 1987, but it was poorly received financially and critically. 

I’d imagine we’re in for a movie that dials the Garbage Pail Kids back on the weird and downright disturbing content in favor of something more “family friendly,” since that was more Eisner’s MO at Disney. 

[Via Deadline]