Gareth Edwards’s Star Wars spinoff titled; Episode VIII dated


There’s a Disney meeting going on a long time ago, right this second, and with it comes Star Wars news! Ben Fritz tweeted it out, and the news is here for us to read, saving us all from sitting through Disney’s financial meetings:

I’m crossing my fingers with this and hoping desperately that Gareth Edward’s movie is not titled Star Wars: Rogue One and is instead merely Rogue One. Despite not being the world’s biggest Star Wars fan, I’m excited for Edwards making a silly space combat film in this universe and I hope that’s exactly what they’re letting him do. (Godzilla was amazing, haters to the left)

In addition, Star Wars Episode VIII is coming May 26, 2017. Which may as well be the far flung future as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be dead. Probably

Join us in the Star Wars excitement, watch VII’s trailer again and snidely remark: “JJ that shot of the Falcon is atrocious, keep the camera the right way up” with me.

[From Twitter]