Gargoyles and a plethora of Disney animated classics getting revived for Disney+


If there was ever any doubt that Disney is hoping to draw in longtime fans, the following news should cement the thought. Gargoyles, the classic 90s animated show about a group of Gargoyles and humans and all their adventures, is making its way to Disney+. The show was extremely popular among kids of its day and remains so in the present.

Gargoyles isn’t the only animated classic returning, however. DuckTales, Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck, GoofTroop, and Adventures of the Gummi Bears are also returning. If you were a fan of the “Disney Afternoon” block growing up, you may want to revisit all of these via Disney+.

Talk about a blast from the past, Disney Fans! It’s so great to see that with the reported millions of dollars of content headed to their streaming platform this November, nostalgic hits will be included as well. As we have previously reported, Disney+ launches this November, less than two months away!

As a longtime fan of this particular show, this further cements my decision to subscribe to Disney+ if only to simple binge-watch this series over and over again. There is also, of course, lots of other content I want to check out: this was a welcome surprise.

Original Gargoyles Series Apparently Heading to Disney+ []

Tarah Bleier
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