Garrett Hedlund cries a lot in ‘Lullaby’ trailer


I didn’t know what a Garrett Hedlund was before this trailer, but googling tells me that he’s quite the heartthrob and musician. Luckily for women everywhere, Lullaby includes Hedlund being both of those things. Lullaby tells the story of Jonathan (Hedlund) contending with his dying father’s wish to be taken off life support while his sister fights to legally keep him alive. The trailer for the film features a teary-eyed Hedlund bring appropriately weepy, playing a sad song about patriarchal familial expectation on guitar, and wooing women with his aloof, dickish charm.

I’m sure there is an audience for Lullaby, and that audience will probably cry and enjoy the music, but the trailer doesn’t leave me optimistic about the quality of this film. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

Lullaby opens June 13th.