Garth Ennis to debut his movie Stiched at SDCC


Garth Ennis, writer of such comics as Crossed (like 28 Days Later with lots more sodomy), Preacher (a comic populated by Irish vampires, unstoppable killer cowboys, and Arseface), and The Pro (a prostitute gets super powers, hilarity ensues), is going to debut his super-secret 17-minute short Stitched at the San Diego Comic Con in a scant few weeks from now.

Excuse me while I HRNGH. Thank you.

Stiched, written and directed by Ennis, is the (beginning of a) story about “three survivors of an American helicopter crash struggle across the high mountains of Afghanistan. They’re injured, without food, water, or medicine, and moving through Taliban-controlled territory. Among the sun-bleached rocks, they discover something worse than enemy fighters: an ancient supernatural power – murderous, unstoppable, and serving a twenty-first century evil.”

If that doesn’t give you a tingle in your safety zone, you’re probably a loser. Assuming your safety zone is sufficiently tingly, join me after the jump for more.

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The short is the start of a theoretical full-length film. The screenplay also serves as the initial arc of the forthcoming Stitched comic, put out by Crossed publisher Avatar. It’s written by Ennis (makes sense) with art by Mike Wolfer (artist and co-creator of the sensational Warren Ellis-penned Gravel series, along with its preceding minis).

Ennis had this to say about the project: “I’ve been thinking about it for a number of years now, ever since the interest in a Preacher film became more solid, and the options on it and The Boys were picked up. I’ve written screenplays and treatments for things like Crossed, but I haven’t really devoted myself to a film project before, not the way I have with Stitched. I’ve always loved movies; my comics are much more heavily influenced by film and TV than they are by other comics. So having a go at this seems quite natural…Stitched began as little more than a series of images, really – three little figures stumbling across a barren landscape, exhausted people struggling to survive, blood on the rocks of the mountains, and lots of frantic, close-in combat.”

I don’t know about you, but this makes me super jealous that I’m not going to SDCC, but gives me hope that a similar presentation, or at least the DVD, will be at NYCC. For those of you attending the Con, you can preorder the DVD here, pick it up at the convention, and get it and whatever other Ennis memorabilia (who doesn’t own an Arseface shirt?) you want signed. For everyone else, you can order it here and get it in August, or pick it up with the first issue at your local comic shop in November.

Knowing (and loving) Ennis, the film will include blood, guts, whores, social commentary, and probably a little rape (or a lot). You can find out more at Fear the Stitched, and be sure to peep the gallery for the poster, set pictures, and character pictures!

P.S. – Alex, you better buy me a copy.