Gather an army, the Ewoks are coming, the Ewoks are coming!


Being a filthy millennial, Ewoks are relegated to the past, largely seen as cynical additions to sell stuffed animals and foreshadow the Lucasing of the Star Wars. Most surprisingly, the Ewoks have appeared in four separate Star Wars properties, including an animated series that lasted two seasons. Yes, this was the 80s, where a show about soggy bread could last two seasons if it could be merchandised enough, but at least it wasn’t too much a blight on society. However, evil overlord Disney appears to be resurrecting the furry…. things, and if the world explodes as a result, at least they sold more merch.

Yes, according to Moviehole, the Ewoks of Endor are going to return in the form of a show on Disney+. Star Wars oversaturation started the moment they announced Rian Johnson’s own trilogy, so it appears Disney has decided to double down and see how far the limit is before. While not slated for the launch of Disney+, the show is in development and will most likely appeal to younger audiences, which I’m sure old super fans will be a-ok with.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the living hairballs, just the context they were put and introduced in. Disney’s greatest strength is cute-ifying anything, which may even mean a redesign for the Ewoks. Otherwise, it comes down to the target audience, which are going to be children who, while deserving the same quality media that adults consume, generally aren’t as picky about their shows. Now I continue to wait for the much needed Jawas spin-off.

Exclusive : The Ewoks will return! – Moviehole