George Clooney in talks for Brad Bird’s 1952


George Clooney is now in talks to star in 1952, a live-action sci-fi project from Brad Bird. The film was written by Damon Lindelof, and as we previously reported, the film is super-secret. There is no word on the nature of Clooney’s role so far, but the film is said to be like Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The Playlist had the following details about the genesis of 1952:

The title was inspired by Lindelof’s visit to Disney last year to pitch the movie when he was allowed access to some stuff in the archives, including a box from WED Enterprises, Walt Disney’s personal development lab (which later became the Imagineering section of the company). There was one box labeled “That Darn Cat!” that had been crossed off with “1952” written instead, and inside was a bunch of material for a proposed movie about alien contact.

From now on, any time I label something, the label will need to have “That Darn Cat!” crossed out (e.g., That Darn Cat! Steve Martin’s All-Natural Penis Beauty Creme).

[Via The Playlist]

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