George Clooney to direct The Monuments Men


George Clooney has chosen his directing projects wisely so far, with The Ides Of March being his latest gig behind the camera to receive critical acclaim. This bodes well for The Monuments Men, a caper based on a true story about a team of experts selected by the President Roosevelt to track down stolen Nazi art. Based on the book by Robert M. Edsel, the film has already been picked up by Sony.

The story is a good fit for Clooney for a number of reasons. The first is the genre: there’s plenty of potential for Ocean’s Eleven style caper shenanigans here, albeit set during WW2. That historical setting is the second reason, as three of the four movies Clooney has directed have been period projects, including the excellent Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. Finally, there are the story’s political undertones, which should engage his Ides Of March sensibilities.

No one bar Clooney has been cast so far and no date set for release. Count me intrigued by this one.

[via First Showing]