George Miller returns to JLA, Snyder removed from project


If you’ve been following DC’s comic book movie attempts you’ll know that back in the day George Miller was going to be the one helming the Justice League movie. After a bunch of set backs and WB not knowing what the hell it wanted to do that got shelved (probably for the best since we got Fury Road out of it). But it looks like all the negative reactions to BvS have warmed WB back up to Miller as we’ve heard reports that he has been brought on to direct the JLA movie once again and Snyder has been removed. 

It’s early goings with this so no word on if they’ll junk all of Snyder’s concepts, but this definitely means a different film for sure. Miller might be just the guy to breathe not only some levity into the DCU, but also a bit less CGI ridiculousness. He’s definitely the right choice to usher along Batman and if he brings along his Mad Max team we could get a coherently edited film. We’ll keep you up to date on this, and with what exactly Snyder is doing with DC now, throughout the day. 

Matthew Razak
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