Gerard Butler to star in Afterburn, another stupid action movie


Stupid action movies seem to be Gerard Butler’s thing, for some stupid reason. Per Deadline, Gerard Butler is doing another stupid movie called Afterburn, based on the Red 5 comic with Jung Byung-gil (The Villainess) directing. It sounds stupid.

The premise reads as this: “Five years after a solar flare disrupts all technology in Europe, a treasure hunter (Butler) goes to France to retrieve the Mona Lisa.” This is what a one-night stand between a Roland Emmerich disaster movie and National Treasure would look like. Perhaps it logically makes sense after Geostorm, another stupid Gerard Butler movie that involved absurd natural disasters and a plot to assassinate the President of the United States. 

Apparently, the equation for stupid Gerard Butler movies is Unrealistic Disaster + Hilariously Contrived Thriller. And to answer a question you probably weren’t going to ask, yes, he is already filming another sequel to Olympus Has Fallen.

So to summarize, prepare yourself for the next chapter in the saga that is Gerard “Gerry” (a nickname I just came up with) Butler’s career as the guy in those movies you only see from Redbox as stupid, late night guilty pleasures. 

Jung Byung-Gil To Direct Gerard Butler In ‘Afterburn’ [Deadline]