Get a sneak peek at Lion King 3D before Cars 2


Been excited for Lion King coming to Blu-ray later this year? I know I have been, but I was far less excited for its 3D re-release in theaters this September 16. “Why the hell does everything have to be in 3D, damn it! Just leave well enough alone!” was what I was screaming previous to this past weekend when I saw Cars 2. Then Cars 2 had a 3D sneak peak of Lion King in 3D before it. 

Holy Crap.

The preview was the entire beginning of the film (as in all of “The Circle of Life”) and it looked absolutely amazing. Not only did a wave of childhood nostalgia hit me like a brick, but that opening sequence looks absolutely stunning in 3D. It’s like it was made for it. I can’t give my full opinion on Cars 2 yet, but suffice to say that even if it was not worth the price of admission the Lion King preview before it (along with a fun Toy Story short) definitely is.

Matthew Razak
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