Get ready for a 3D parkour adaptation of Oliver Twist


Not a typo, dearest ladies and gentlemen. Indeed, a 3D parkour action-movie version of Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist is being made; an idea surely conceived of as a drunken joke or by drawing words at random from a very large hat. Titled Twist, the film will take place in modern times, with Fagin’s gang of street urchins (I guess hooligans or hoodies now) stealing art and jumping off walls. Call me crazy, but a period film would have been much zanier and therefore better.

The screen story comes from Tom Grass, Simon Thomas, and The Brothers Lynch (David T. and Kieth). The screenplay is credited to Kevin Lehane and Matthew Parkhill. Oliver Blackburn is at the helm. Charles Dickens, meanwhile, is doing parkour in his grave. (Or maybe not. The movie’s probably all in good, absurdist fun, or at least hopefully it is.)

Still no word on 3D parkour versions of other Victorian novels, but I eagerly await the post-apocalyptic YA version of Wuthering Heights in IMAX, the 3D planking version of Jane Eyre, The Woman in White in D-Box, and the XXX Dickens parody Hard Times.

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Hubert Vigilla
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