Get this John Carter poster free at midnight IMAX shows


This Mondo poster for John Carter is absolutely beautiful. (There’s a lot more to it than the header image, so peep it in the gallery.) Kudos to J.C. Richard for some extraordinary work. Even better, this poster can be yours if you go to a midnight IMAX show of John Carter on opening night at participating theaters. As Hero Complex notes, a list of those participating theaters will be posted on the official IMAX site in the very near future.

Now I don’t need to help push this poster since it’s a beaut to begin with, but I hear tell that it has magical powers. It can heal the lame and uncloud those cataracts. It can put the spring back in the boudoir and remove the odors of your tabby’s unsanitary business in its box. Why, this John Carter poster, when made into a poultice with lime pulp and cherry pits, has been known to alleviate both the gout of your grandpappy and the imeptigo of your little one.

But above all that, this poster would look great on your wall. We have it in the gallery, but we encourage you to check out the hi-res version at Hero Complex as well. (Doing so will melt that congestion in your nasal cavity.)

[Via Hero Complex]

Hubert Vigilla
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