Get your knife fight on with this Death Grip clip

Extreme kali knife fight from Death Grip

Death Grip is an indie martial arts movie by writer/director/star Eric Jacobus. It centers on a sought-after coin, a satanic cult that steals it, and a man who must save his autistic brother. It’s a nice set-up for some no-frills ass kickery, like the above knife fight. The camera isn’t too shaky, the movement of the actors isn’t obscured, and the choreography looks pretty stellar.

I’m interesting in seeing the whole thing if the action in this fight and the trailer is indicative of the rest of the movie. Death Grip makes its premiere at the Bal Theater in San Leandro on June 30th. If it was showing a month later, I would definitely be there, possibly picking knife fights.

After the cut is the trailer for Death Grip. Be sure to check out the official Death Grip website for more info.

[Via Twitch]

Martial Arts Thriller Death Grip - Theatrical Trailer Johnny Yong Bosch & Eric Jacobus

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