Ghost is getting turned into a TV series for some reason


Ghost may not be my favorite Patrick Swayze flick (that honor goes to To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Juile Newmar), but it is one of my favorite romantic comedy/dramas. It’s dark, scary as all get out (tell me those shadow things don’t freak you out), and it features Whoopi Goldberg in her prime. Because everything ever needs to get adapted nowadays, Ghost is heading to the small screen. 

Paramount is now developing a pilot based on the film with Akiva Golsdman and Jeff Pinkner (Fringe) with no network or details attached to the project. While we probably won’t keep tabs on this in the future, it’s just a thing that makes me sad anyway. Ghost was a good, singular, story about a dead guy who can’t pass on because his love is filled with regrets. A TV show would ruin that. 

[via Variety]