Ghostbusters 3 is delayed again, may never leave limbo


Alright everyone, let’s all agree that this is starting to get sad. Super sad. First Dan Aykroyd wanted to a Ghostbusters 3 and had a script, then Bill Murray was all like “nuh uh to your uh huh.” After a few years of Murray trouble, Aykroyd decided to go on without Murray and set the stage for a return. But there were more troubles, of course. Ivan Reitman entertained the idea of rebooting the franchise all together, but even he sounded like he had no idea what was going on. 

Then the good news came. Everything seemed all fine and dandy as Ghostbusters was rumored to start filming sometime next summer although even that seemed fishy. Thor said it best when he stated that we’d “have better odds of being struck by lightning while riding a sasquatch piggyback than ever getting the chance to see Ghostbusters 3.” Turns out, Thor was sadly on the money. Damn you, Thor!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Entertainment  has being going through some financial trouble recently as it’s pretty much stuck until the end of its fiscal year in March. Because of that trouble, Sony had to “rigorous[ly]” adjust its upcoming projects. What does all this mean for Ghostbusters? Well, it’s been essentially frozen as any decisions regarding its production won’t really go down until after March. So…it’s finally over folks. I mean, you can still hope that hopin’ hope, but it’s done. 

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