Ghostbusters 3 possibly filming as early as next summer


It almost seems cruel to post news about the long purported Ghostbusters 3 because nothing ever comes to fruition, no matter how many drafts of the script are written or how many times Dan Aykroyd reassures us that it’s on the way. At this point I would say you have better odds of being struck by lightning while riding a sasquatch piggyback than ever getting the chance to see Ghostbusters 3, so of course that means that now is the time for someone to open their fat trap and say it’ll start filming sometime next year, maybe as soon as next summer. Yeah, sure it will.

Apparently the rumor has originated because Ivan Reitman’s Draft Day, a football comedy — and I’m sure comedy is being used liberally here — has been moved around by Paramount studios, and won’t be filming as originally scheduled. When asked for a reason for the move, someone at Paramount has been quoted as saying Reitman “is expected to finally get the long-gestating Ghostbusters reboot in front of the cameras next summer.” Bull. Sh*t. Then again, with a freshly drafted script from the guy that wrote Men in Black III and Tropic Thunder, maybe the stars have finally aligned for a Ghostbusters sequel. The question is, with this much hype and long-standing speculation, do we really even want a new Ghostbusters? (If you need a hint, the answer is ‘probably not’.)

[via First Showing]