Ghostbusters gets a new name for Blu-ray release


When you go to the store to pick up the new Ghostbusters movie because you want to own it, you might scratch you head for a second. The title you’re going to see on the box will be Ghostbusters: Answer the Call. That’s obviously different from just Ghostbusters, though the tagline was used all over the film’s promotion.

Who knows why the change was made, but if it’s anything like Edge of Tomorrow, which got rebranded as its tagline, Live. Die. Repeat, it’s because of the tepid box office of the film. Maybe it’s also Sony reacting to idiots on the Internet, but I doubt that. More likely they’re trying to drum up a bit more interest in the film since they hoped it would be a major hit and was instead a possible $70 million loss. Considering it wasn’t a bad film it would be nice for it to get a little more love.

Whatever the reason, don’t panic if you see it with the wrong title. You weren’t going to? Well, then we’re all good.

Matthew Razak
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