Ghostbusters Oozes Out 2nd Trailer: Yep, it’s a reboot


In case you didn’t know, the new Ghostbusters, releasing on July 15, is a reboot, not a sequel.

The trailer that Sony just released for the film confirms this in unimaginative glory as voiceover narrative mixed with snippets of dialogue outline the plot, characters, and even key events to follow closely with events of the original movie:

  • Disgraced (laughingstock) academic: check.
  • No one believes in ghosts or the ghostbusters: check.
  • Ghost are real anyway: check.
  • End of the world scenario--we all know who to call: check and check.

I’m not sure the trailer confirming that Slimer makes an appearance is enough to pull on my nostalgia’s heartstrings, but the scene mixing the Ghostbusters with a packed concert and stage sure did … just for the wrong franchise. It was eerily reminiscent of the conclusion to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. Only, their movie had Vanilla Ice, and did it 25 years earlier. Maybe the Ghostbusters crew didn’t realize they were remaking the wrong movie.

Do you still have hope for the franchise, or are you fearing (not ghosts) the worst, like me?



Kind of similar, don’t you think? Let our four heroes that no one believed in assemble on the stage to uproarious applause and adulations!