Gianni Versace’s rejected Judge Dredd ’95 costumes


While there’s a new Judge Dredd film with Karl Urban on the way, many people can’t forget the 1995 Sylvester Stallone version. (Stallone would probably like to forget the movie as well.) Our own Nick Valdez made a fine argument for Stallone’s badassery in the role regardless, though I wonder if it would have been diminished if he was sporting one of these Versace costumes.

Yes, Gianni Versace submitted a couple costume concepts for Judge Dredd ’95, all of which were passed on. As the guys at Comics Alliance point out, these versions of Judge Dredd wouldn’t be out of place on some Mega Man box art. We’ll surely see one of these fellas in promo material for Mega Man 11, but for now we will merely see them whenever we close our eyes, mockingly thrusting their authoritative nethers at us.

Give these crimes against fashion a look in the gallery. For comparison, I’ve included the box art for the first Mega Man, Judge Dredd art by character co-creator Carlos Ezquerra, a full-costume pic of Stallone from the 1995 film, and a pic of Karl Urban in the forthcoming Dredd.

[Prop Bay via Comics Alliance]

Hubert Vigilla
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