Gillian Anderson thinks a third X-Files movie is planned


Gillian Anderson has told Sunrise, an Australian breakfast TV show, that she’s keen to reprise her X-Files role as alien mega-sceptic Dana Scully and that there are plans for a third movie. This isn’t the first time talk has arisen of the cast and crew wanting to return to the property. During press for The Joneses, David Duchovny stated that he’d love to continue his character Mulder’s increasingly convoluted search for a loosely defined concept of extraterrestrial ‘truth’, while series creator Chris Carter has claimed to have plans for a third movie, wrapping up the series’ mythology by showing the alien invasion which was set up in the series to take place in December 2012.

I love The X-Files and its amazing theme tune. In fact, by a weird coincidence, I’m watching it on TV as I type this. But neither movie has done the series justice and as the reception for the second, I Want To Believe, seemed to prove, I’m not convinced there’s any sort of market for it anymore. Conspiracy paranoia was more of a late ’90s/early-millennium trend and the majority of today’s all-important teenage audience won’t even know what The X-Files is. As for wrapping up the show’s mythology, even the most ardent fan would admit that it made little sense even at the series’ peak.

In other words, expect this at around the same time as the Arrested Development movie and to make roughly as much money. Snigger.

[via Hollywood Reporter]