Gina Carano in talks for Fast 6


Fast Five was a movie with a brilliant beginning and ending, but had to navigate a plodding middle section on the strength of its stars’ frustrated man-love chemistry alone. Haywire was similarly troubled, with director Steven Soderbergh so enraptured with his charismatic dude-destroying star, Gina Carano, that he forgot to give her anything to do, or put her in any real danger. Individually, those two movies weren’t anything special, but the news that Carano is in talks to join Fast 6 – or whatever madness ends up being its title – is very exciting indeed.

The women in Fast Five were woefully bland, mostly around to fill the required quota of bikini-clad T&A, but Carano could single-handedly correct that shortcoming if used properly. In other words, don’t trap her behind the wheel of a car, get her fighting in and around various types of vehicle, preferably in some sort of now-long-awaited smackdown with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, or laying waste to Vin Diesel and his gravelly pretensions of manhood. The fact she redefines scary hot is just a bonus.

[via HitFix]