Glove, Actually is a montage of face slaps in movies


“To the moon, Alice!” It’s no secret that the depiction of domestic abuse in early Hollywood movies is a bit disturbing. It can sometimes be tough to watch some hard-nosed sleuth slap the shenanigans out of his female counterpart. Even more cringe-worthy is watching a child getting their senses slapped out of them.

However, if you put them all together in a montage mixed in with literal head-over-heels slaps and bride/mother-in-law slapfests, it’s all okay. That’s exactly what YouTube user samseed85 did with his video montage, Glove, Actually, which you can see below the jump. A heavy caution, though: The language can be NSFW. Also, if you’re not a fan of slap-happy abuse, this might not be your kind of thing.

Did you have any favorites? Were there any glaring omissions? Did your heart leap out for little Natalie Portman as she got slapped in Leon? Comment away!

[via samseed85’s YouTube page]