God Country takes a leap from the pages to the screen


In a world teeming with superhero sensory overload, sometimes a respite is needed. Sometimes the hero isn’t really a hero and only fights for good because there’s no other choice. A reluctant hero, perhaps. Welcome to God Country.

The six-issue comic book series from the team of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw was a critical success, and now it’s going to be coming to the silver screen. Cates is on board to adapt the 2017 comic, which centers around Emmett Quinlan. A widower with dementia and violent outbursts finds a powerful sword after a tornado decimates his home. The mysterious aura of the sword clears the fog of his mind but also makes him the only one who can take down beings not of this world who are looking to take over.

Image Comics’ ‘God Country’ to Be Adapted by AfterShock and Legendary [THR]


Nick Hershey