Godzilla and King Kong to fight again for Legendary and Warner Bros


Don’t you love when companies get along? According to Deadline, Legendary Pictures (which parted ways with Warner Bros and moved to Universal last year) has moved their in progress, Kong: Skull Island to Warner Bros (from Universal) in order to have Godzilla and King Kong under the same roof. What this means is that after the Kong: Skull Island reboot and the also in-progress Godzilla 2 (which promises all sorts of Kaiju mayhem on its own), Legendary plans a team up/versus film with the two. 

With all the hype surrounding crossovers lately, you’d think I’d be against this on principle. But nope, I’m a huge mark who can’t wait for this. There are few film series I’m unabashedly a fan of, and this is one of them. I can’t wait for their rematch. King Kong might’ve taken the first round (cause he’s a dirty, dirty fighter) but with Godzilla’s blown popularity? I don’t know. Either way, I’m ready for a shared giant monster universe. 

This is going to look so damn good, you guys. But we’ll have to wait long after Godzilla 2 comes out in 2018. Soooooooo I wish I didn’t know about this yet. Wait, I ruined it for you too! Now we’re both nervous wrecks waiting for this hahahaha!

[via Deadline]