Godzilla reboot gets new poster and monster info


Ahead of its panel at San Diego Comic Con last weekend, Godzilla premiered two posters. The awesome, artsy one from before and one of Gojira’s tail. I may personally prefer Skyscrapersaurus, but I can appreciate how well this poster is set up. It’s simply a tail, but the size and scope of the tail says more than anything. 

Speaking of the panel, Godzilla had some footage shown also. If the rest of the Internet is to be believed, it featured a giant foot and, get this, an insect monster (or dare I say, “Kaiju”?) that was unfortunately not Mothra. Which means Godzilla only appears in Godzilla to prove that he’s the true king of the f**king monsters (which completely keeps his old motivations in line), and essentially Godzilla is going to be everything that Pacific Rim wasn’t. Consider me hyped. 

[via Legendary]