Godzilla sequel already happening because money


Because Godzilla made a monstrous amount of money in the box office its opening weekend (over $93 million dollars domestically), naturally talk of a sequel is already underway. At this point, it’s not even really news as we all assumed Godzilla was going to be become a big franchise for Legendary Pictures anyway. And since Godzilla already has a precedent for monster fights, I’m hoping we get MechaGodzilla, Mothra, or King Ghidorah at some point. 

There are no details yet (of course), but since Legendary is still hesitant to get a sequel to Pacific Rim off the ground, maybe we could get a crossover in our future. A man can dream, right? 

And hey! If you have a Godzilla opinion you’d like to share, I’m taking them for Flixist Community Discusses! And if you feel particularly one way or the other, maybe a cBlog might scratch that itch?

[via Deadline]