Godzilla style fan trailer for Pacific Rim is wonderful

Pacific Rim (Fan-Made Trailer) in TOHO Godzilla style 「パシフィック・リム 東宝ゴジラ的予告編」

Pacific Rim may not have been the best thing since sliced Godzilla bread, but it did inspire a lot of folks with how much it resembled other things. First we had that nice fan trailer cut with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers music, and now we have a fan edited trailer to match old Heisei era Godzilla films. Warning to the wise it spoils a lot of the film, so if you haven’t seen Rim, maybe you shouldn’t view the trailer. 

It just makes me wonder how much better Pacific Rim could’ve been if it just cut the bull and just went full out Godzilla clone. Oh well, at least a real giant monster movie is releasing next year. 

[via /Film]