Gosling still wants to direct, must learn more first


It seems that Ryan Gosling is still interested in directing even though it turned out that rumors of him directing the upcoming Idolmaker were total bupkiss. See, like a Jedi padawan, Gosling realizes that he must learn from the masters before taking control of the force himself. He told us just that (minus the Jedi stuff) when we sat down and talked with him about his future directing career.

After telling us that he is definitely interested in directing he went on to to say, “There’s a lot of filmmakers I want to work with before I make my own films. I’m getting a chance to work with them. I wanted to work with George Clooney, because he’s an actor turned director, and I wanted to see how that was in action, and I’m learning from Nicolas and Derek (Cianfrance), who did Blue Valentine and this movie [The Place Beyond the] Pines and Nicolas I’m working with a lot because I’m learning a lot. I’m just basically trying to treat it as a film school for myself before I make my own films.”

It’s interesting that he’s holding back to learn more as he’s so hot right now I’d doubt any studio would turn down any idea he had as long as they could slap his name somewhere on it. Good on him, though. It sometimes turns out tragic when actors jump into directing and clearly have no clue what they’re doing.

Our full interview with Gosling will be up tomorrow.

Matthew Razak
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