Got $999.99 lying around? Buy this Scarface Blu-ray


Those with a healthy amount of disposable income and no idea what to do with it have a new option, come September 6. Universal Studios Home Entertainment will be offering a limited edition Blu-ray of the crime classic Scarface for $999.99. No, that is not a typo. We literally mean a cent under $1,000.

The Blu-ray includes a remastered edition of the film, a documentary on how the film affected our culture, a feature that allows you to keep track of all the f-bombs and bullets shot, the original 1932 Scarface, and the requisite digital version of the film that never gets used. It all comes in a hand-painted humidor for all your Cuban cigars, which is where I imagine most of the price tag comes from.

Universal is only making 1000 of these limited editions, so I’d tell you to ask fast, but let’s be honest here: likely 99% of the audience of this humble blog is not going to put their money down for such a ridiculous release. For that 1% that does, might I suggest getting the regular Blu-ray release and putting the remaining money towards a needy charity instead?

[via Movieline]