Got money? Kiss it goodbye. 50% off all Criterion Collection


The Criterion Collection has been at the forefront of excellence when it comes to movies on DVDs and Blu-rays. If you’re a real movie collector not only do you know this but you’re probably exclaiming a big “Duhhh!” from your lips right now. Forgive me for reiterating the obvious, this is for those who do not know the ways of collecting movies. From housing such great films on disc with pristine quality like Kurosowa’sSeven Samurai to Bergman’s Seventh Seal , The Criterion Collection’s only con is the price of admission to owning these classics at home. You get what you pay for ladies and gentlemen and as such, they’re generally expensive. Considering most of us are not swimming in disposable cash and filthy rich like Matt or Tom here, it is truly a sight to see these not only at a reasonable price but at a down right steal the way these are right this second.

Behold my fellow flixisticates, I bring you a deal among deals for you to gaze upon and throw all your hard earned money at. Barnes and Nobles as we speak are having a monster sale on all of their Criterion Collection Blu-rays. They’re all 50% off. Let me repeat that. They’re all 50% off. As in half price. As in holy shit, I need to take advantage of that before they come to their senses and put these back to their normal expensive prices. I don’t rightly know when this sale is going to end so I encourage you movie collecting folks out there to take advantage of it as soon as humanly possible. I’ve already taken the plunge and made my wallet way lighter. I suggest you do likewise.

Like now.

[ via Barnes and Nobles ]