Grab your pastel bowties! Party Down movie in the works!

Party Down | ‘A Leg Made Footless By Pot’ Ep. 3 Clip | STARZ

The fact that there’s a good chance we’ll get a Party Down movie at some point in the future may well be the best news I’ve heard in a long time, and the fact that the source is series star Ken Marino only sweetens the pot.

I only found out about Party Down after the series was cancelled inexplicably after two seasons by Starz, a fact I regret to this day. The perfect storm that is the show’s casting (I could watch any one of those actors in a one-man show), the genius writing (see above), incredible list of guest stars, and the sheer charm that radiates off the whole damn thing makes for the most rewatchable comedy since Arrested Development. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t share a similar production schedule.

Hit the jump to see what Marino had to say about the movie, and if you have Netflix, do yourself a favor and watch Party Down. You won’t be sorry you did. For an in-depth look at the series and its rich history, check out this ludicrously illuminating article.

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Now, I’m a huge, huge fan of Party Down

Ken Marino:  Thank you!

In fact, I was just watching the episode this morning where you’re violently throwing up and begging for an ambulance.  Can you tell me anything about a possible Party Down movie happening?  What’s going on there?

KM:  Well, we had a marathon– a Party Down marathon– in L.A. recently, and the creators announced that they were in talks to do a Party Down movie.  Whether that happens or not, I dunno.  They seemed confident enough to talk about it, so I’m confident enough to pass that information along to you.  There’s a chance, but more than that…I dunno.

Is that a change in position from the way things were when the show stopped?  Like, have the DVD sales made any difference, or the cult that’s sprung up around the show over the past few years?

KM:  I don’t think it has to do with DVD sales or a new cult– I mean, most of the fans watch the show while it was on the air or got it on Netflix– but it just kinda got this cult status because the people that really liked it latched onto it, and they spread it around to their friends…

Erica Oyama:  And it ended up on a lot of critics’ top ten lists.

KM:  Right, critics really liked it.  I think that the people who wanna fund it were just fans of the show and the writers and felt that there may be some value in doing a small movie with those characters.

I was really shocked at how great it was once I watched it.  Not that I should be surprised, but sometimes with things like this, people oversell you on how great the show is.  Party Down really was that great.

KM:  Thank you, thank you.

Joe Lo Truglio:  I think the writing on that show is a testament to the show’s success.  Or, the show’s success is a testament to how great the writing was.  Which is usually the case:  if the writing’s great, the show (gains a lot of fans).

Check out the rest of the interview here.