Gran Turismo speeds to pole position at the box office this weekend, but maybe not


There’s some contention about which film came in number one at this weekend’s box office. While initial reports have pegged Gran Turismo as the champion, Sony is apparently buffing the numbers. While GT barely claimed victory with a $17.4 million gross compared to Barbie’s $17.1 million, WB is claiming that Sony is counting Thursday preview numbers and even pre-show screenings from the weeks before. Uh oh.

Whichever film happens to be the leader, $17.4 million is not the strongest start for Sony’s biopic. Thankfully, the film did much better overseas and brought its overall total to around $53.8 million. With a reported budget of about $60 million, Gran Turismo won’t need much more help to cross the finish line into profitability.

So while Barbie couldn’t eke out another number one spot (although maybe it has), it still managed to do well enough for its sixth weekend. The film is just $10 million or so away from becoming 2023’s most profitable film. Oppenheimer, as well, is nearing $800 million globally and has become director Christopher Nolan’s third highest-grossing film. Blue Beetle didn’t even fall off that much, staying in the top five with a 49% decline from last weekend. It was a decent enough weekend all around, though the numbers are likely lower due to National Cinema Day slashing prices this past Sunday.

Here are the top 10 highest-grossing films at the box office for the weekend of August 25-27, 2023. All totals are domestic:

  1. Gran Turismo – $17.3 million
  2. Barbie – $17.1 million
  3. Blue Beetle – $12.76 million
  4. Oppenheimer – $9 million
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem – $6.1 million
  6. Meg 2: The Trench – $5.1 million
  7. Strays – $4.65 million
  8. Retribution – $3.3 million
  9. The Hill – $2.5 million
  10. Haunted Mansion – $2.1 million
[Source] Variety, Box Office Mojo

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