Graphic designer imagines non-Nolan Batman movies


If other directors made Batman movies in the future other than Christopher Nolan, what would their posters look like? That’s what graphic designer Sean Hartter and Hero Complex‘ Geoff Boucher have set out to figure out. Together, they’ve designed a total of 15 movie posters for potential Batman movies as directed by Wes Anderson, Brad Bird, Guy Ritchie, Hayao Miyazaki and many more!

Over the course of this week, the LA Times’ Hero Complex has been releasing three posters a day, and you can check out the twelve released posters below. Three more are set to be released today, so you might want to pop on over there later to check out posters for Tim Burton’s “The Dark Knight Returns”; Zack Snyder’s “World’s Finest”; Ridley Scott’s “Batman Beyond.” Also over at Hero Complex they have tongue-in-cheek descriptions of each movie, and how each director would approach it. I think my favorite non-Nolan Batman poster is the Miyazaki one – for obvious reasons.

[via Hero Complex]