Gravity to feature a 17 minute-long opening shot


I’m a huge fan of Alfonso Cuaron’s work, especially in Children of Men. That movie’s probably in my top ten films of all time, or at least the top twenty. One of the signature moments in that film was the climax, a seven and a half minute dash through an epic urban battlefield. This sort of ultra-long shot has become something of a rarity in cinema, and it’s amazing Cuaron is still working with them. Now, in his new film Gravity, director of photography Emmanuel Lubezki is doing some fairly amazing camera work, according to Chris DeFaria, a VFX lead and executive producer for Warner Brothers. Speaking at a 5D | FLUX conference, he said the film begins with a seventeen minute long shot, uninterrupted. He goes on to say that, for a two hour movie, Gravity only has 156, meaning many are “six, eight, ten minutes long.”

Excuse me whilst fluids secrete from my organs in a quasi-orgasmic manner. A good, long shot, well executed, is an amazing thing to behold, and Cuaron’s already known for the incredible technical prowess in setting up these shots. Hell, he had an entire, functioning car set built around that single amazing shot in Children of Men where the camera keeps rotating in the car as s**t goes down all around the characters. So see that level of technical awesomeness in the dark of space? Yeah. Fluids and secretions.

[Immersed in Movies, via The Film Stage, via Collider]