Greatest indie action film ever gets September release


Mark your calender folks! September 23 is going to be awesome. Aside from Abduction, that day will see the release of Killer Elite, the first film released by Open Road Films, a distributor created by the AMC and Regal theater chains. But that’s pretty boring. No, the real news is that the stars of this upcoming film are Robert De Niro(!) Jason Statham(!!), and Clive Owen(!!!). If this were not a family friendly site, the last sentence would be filled with expletives of joy, but you can probably assume what they were, and feel free to reread the sentence with them placed appropriately. An independent film, Killer Elite is in a better position given that it has guaranteed release in major theaters, but hopefully it will be able to live up to its glorious premise. The film, which may or may not be based on a true story, follows some retired guy (Statham) trying to save his mentor (De Niro) from some assassins (headed by Owen).

Basically, it sounds like Taken, except with even more testosterone. Taken, as you all know, was easily one of the best movies from the last decade, and my wallet is always open for some more of that kind of awesome.

[Via /Film]