Green Day’s American Idiot musical to become a film


Suburban Hot Topic punx are gonna be so totally stoked. Green Day’s hit musical, American Idiot (based off of their concept album of the same name), is being adapted into a film. Green Day Authority is reporting that Universal is in negotiations to finalize a deal for the film. Tom Hanks’ production company, Playtone, will be one of the film’s main production companies. The director of the film, Michael Mayer, is the director of the Broadway play while the script will be handled by Dustin Lance, who wrote Milk, as well as handled the treatment for the Mamma Mia! adaptation

While no actors have been announced, I’d like to suggest Lou Taylor Pucci. Not only was he the titular character in Green Day’s Jesus of Suburbia music video, but he’s also a tremendous actor. It’d make sense to have him reprise and expand on the character he played years ago.

However, my main beef is with this image that Green Day is perpetuating with the suburban punx fashion trend. Really, we don’t need more Hot Topic kids invading major cities thinking all punks dress like tools. I’ve been around punks for the better part of my adolescence and, let me tell you, none of them wear eyeliner. In terms of the film itself, I can’t help but feel that it’ll be closely compared to SLC Punk! once it releases.

[via Green Day Authority]