Green Lantern writer to pen Wonder Woman


Not but two posts below is news that a Justice League of America film was back on track and under production. Good news for those who think they can make a movie about the JLA, but bad news for those who don’t. Buried in the same Variety article is another news bit about the ever set upon Wonder Woman film, which has been on and off more times than a light switch.

The article states that Green Lantern scribe Michael Goldenberg has been brought on to work up a script.

Yea, you read that right. Warner Brothers is bringing back the man who put together the truly awful plot of Green Lantern and delivered to them a flop so big that it would have been called catastrophic if John Carter hadn’t redefined what a catastrophic flop was. Now, Green Lantern was written and re-written multiple times by multiple authors, but Goldbenberg was the guy who made the foundation. Hell, he was even going to write the second film until it was cancelled because the first one came out and sucked. WB is pretty much bringing on a writer they fired for not doing a good job to do the exact same job. And we wonder why Marvel is kicking DC’s ass when it comes to movies.

Now it could be a while before we see any results from this, and since it’s Wonder Woman this project could easily be scrapped as well. You still have to shake your head in wonderment though.

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Matthew Razak
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