Gremlins 3 sequel may be happening with Chris Columbus attached


Talks of a third Gremlins film have been on the winds for going on two decades now. Original director Joe Dante apparently indicated at one point the sequel was dead because the technology made to create Gremlins and Gremlins 2 was so dated that it would have to rely on CGI, and the would be too un-Gremlins to do.

But Chris Columbus, Gremlins writer, tried to calm fears that Gremlins would be done with CGI, instead indicating that CGI would just be used to make the lives of puppeteers easier:

CGI will enable us to remove wires and make the puppeteers lives a little easier. It was brutal. It was like a marathon every night for those guys. In the bar scene alone there were 18 [or] 20 people behind the bar. No one had any space to move. It was just hellish for those guys so CGI will simplify that a little bit but it’s all puppets.

Chris added that the screenplay is complete and much darker. Because ever since 2008’s The Dark Knight, darker, grittier versions of things that were previously too fluffy have been all the rage. Let’s be real: Michael Keaton dropping Jack Nicholson into a vat of acid is some pussy-ass-shit. It needed to be made HARD. And gritty. It needed the True Grit treatment of True Grit.

Get Hard - Trash Talk Scene HD (1080p) indicates that the film is currently set to be a sequel, rather than a reboot, but no other details are scurrying around the web right now so we’ll need to wait and see how this plays out.

Stay tuned friends, and remember, don’t feed them after midnight!



[via Slashfilm]