Guillermo del Toro signed on for multiple projects with Fox Searchlight


Fox Searchlight, clearly impressed with del Toro’s incredible success with The Shape of Water, has signed him to an overall deal for a variety of live-action projects that del Toro will write, direct, and/or produce.

Fox will also create a new label for their horror, sci-fi, and fantasy projects, which del Toro’s works will fall under.

The first project out of the newly inked deal will be Antlers, an adaptation of Nick Antosca’s short story The Quiet Boy, produced by del Toro and directed by Scott Cooper.

Nick Antosca’s the creator and showrunner of Syfy’s Channel Zero, so I have full confidence in his ability to put out del Toro-worthy spooky shit.

I’m not alone in hoping this deal will resurrect some of his previously killed projects, especially At the Mountains of Madness and The Left Hand of Darkness. Who knows, maybe he’ll leverage this to resurrect the game inSANE, too, since the rights defaulted back to him after THQ bailed.

I’m excited to see someone with as much vision as del Toro finally getting the creative freedom he deserves.

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