Guillermo del Toro to helm Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


If you were ever a child at some point the illustrations from the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark haunted your dreams. If you’re an adult now they probably still do. The series of books collected some pretty solid horror stories, but what made them stand out was the truly creepy artwork by Stephen Gammell. 

We’ve been begging for a movie adaptation for a while and in 2013 there was movement, but things went silent until just now. Guillermo del Toro just Tweeted that he’s starting production on a Scary Stories movie, which is pretty much the best choice ever. Deadline backed up the Tweet saying that the plan is to have del Toro direct. He is evidently a huge fan, and even owns some of the original artwork as you can see from the Tweet. 

How the hell will they turn a collection of short stories into a movie? I’m not sure and they aren’t telling as the plot is under wraps, but here’s hoping that it’s more adult horror than children’s. After all the books were band in libraries across America for being too scary so they should just go all out and ignore an audience who America says shouldn’t be experiencing them anyway. 

Matthew Razak
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