Guy Pearce in talks for Extremis character in Iron Man 3


Having recently headlined old-school actioner Lockout and set to cameo as future corporate overlord Peter Weyland in Prometheus, Guy Pearce is reportedly on the verge of signing on for Tony Stark’s post-Avengers threequel as scientist Aldrich Killian. The character is from Warren Ellis’ Extremis storyline from the comics, in which Killian and his partner (and former Stark hook-up) Maya Hansen create the eponymous serum, inspired by the historical precedent of Steve Rogers and capable of greatly enhancing the physical capabilities of the human body. When the US government rejects the research, Killian sells the serum to terrorists, with predictably chaotic results, before committing suicide.

The story updated the Iron Man origin story to the version used in the films and is considered an important part of Tony Stark’s history, so fans will no doubt be enthused by the prospect of new director Shane Black (of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Lethal Weapon fame) tackling the material. Of course, there’s no confirmation that ‘Extremis’ will form the basis for the screenplay, but it would be an almighty own-goal to introduce a character from such an important storyline without going all the way, without forgetting the Avengers-assisted Captain America connection. Although Black can find a way of bringing back Sam Rockwell, the only good thing about Iron Man 2, surely few are likely to complain…

[via Variety]