Guy Ritchie to direct Treasure Island because why not?


I wish the aliens that captured Guy Ritchie after making Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels would return him and take back this…thing they left us with. Warner Bros. announced today that Fake Guy Ritchie will be directing a new take on the classic Treasure Island, because everyone apparently is clamoring for it. That’s really all the information we have right now. 

Honestly, I’d be interested if they could do something interesting with the source material for once. To me, there’s only one adaptation of the book that matters, and that’s Muppet Treasure Island. Tim Curry mingling with pirate Muppets is the best thing to ever grace the high seas.

Community, I want your help. Let’s think of some creative new settings for Treasure Island, I’ll go first. Let’s have it set in the 1800s, and instead of pirates, they’re prospectors looking for gold in California. Because let’s be real, prospector slang is way funnier than pirate slang.

[via Collider]